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This page is the gallery of the creative film and television production proposals Crest have worked on which have a variety of spectrums including documentary, reality, talk show, limited series, and comedy, etc. There are also business proposal and analysis.

Mind the Gap (2022)

Mind the Gap is a documentary focusing on 2022, the era of everchanging, when we intend to interview and discuss with a group of researchers, scholars, journalists, censors, and China’s internet users about the Information Gap, to figure out how and why it was created, how it works, and who does it serve for.

MIND THE GAP 20221114-1 (dragged).JPEG

Animates (2022)

Animates is an animation focused streaming service dedicated to respecting the art form and showcasing that animation is more than just for kids.


BIGs & LITTLEs (2021)

Can spending time with toddlers improve a person’s overall health? We are going to find out in this reality show! We watch as a group of senior citizens and preschoolers become friends for six weeks sharing stories, playing games, and learning about the world around them.

Bigs & Littles.png

Whistle Giver (2022)

Whistle Giver is a one-hour limited series based on a doctor on the frontline fighting against COVID-19 at the very beginning in the epidemic center Wuhan, while revealing what could have been done to avoid the tragedies happening in The Central Hospital of Wuhan and killing more than six million people globally.

Whistle Giver.png

Together We Can (2021)

Together We Can is a documentary, follows two elderly immigrants; Yabi Luo, a 72-year-old Chinese woman and Laurentino Marin, an 80 year old Mexican man as they make their livelihood through collecting and redeeming cans in the streets of Brooklyn. Their stories are representative of a larger conflict between the canning community and the powerful entities that want to stop them. New limitations presented by the COVID-19 pandemic took a large toll on the livelihood of canners like themselves. How will they navigate canning in a post-pandemic world?

Together We Can.png

Douyin (TikTok)

The business model research analysis of the flywheel of Douyin E-commerce Empire. 

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