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Crest Lu

Creative Producer, Editor


F. A. N. (2022 - 2023)

Producer & Editor 

Faux Ad Network is a BUTV10 show, a series of comedy sketches with sarcastic takes on many aspects of our society. 

Funny Girl Hotline

Co-Producer, Editor & Host

A talk show with Crest's cohort from Master of Science in Television, Boston University in Los Angeles program, serving as a time capsule before they get mega famous.

Freak Out - 1.jpg

Producer & Director

A mini film about a cautious lady who lives alone freaks out when she gets a mysterious phone call.

404 (2019)

Writer, Director & Editor

In the near future, a content moderator of Chinese social media faces the choice between his morality and professionalism.

The Sound of Music.png

The Sound of Music (2022)

The previz of the virtual production remake version of the legendary The Sound of Music, using Apple's Memoji, touches closer to younger generation.

Walk You Home.png

Walk You Home (2021)

Scarlet SafetyWalk is a service formed by Boston University students who accompany and walk students home who studied late, Monday to Sunday, rain or shine.

Soar Again.png

Soar Again (2022)

We all had travel experiences, whether it’s for fun or work or something else. Those journeys connect not only people, but also emotions.


Bread (2021)

One-minute video about Crest's french bull whose name is Bread.

One on One.jpg

A BUTV10 talk show. Crest interviewed Gloria Styskin, who had a unique experience in a MTV reality show.


Garbage (2021)

In an apartment corridor, a warm-hearted student accidentally throws away other’s grocery.

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